Get Involved

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Wasco GOP and affect change.

VOLUNTEER – Volunteers are our most precious resource and the key to accomplishing our mission. We seek to form a community among our volunteers to help us stay connected and enjoy the process of working together. Consider where you could add value, large or small efforts are both needed:

  • Serve as a Precinct Committee Person – the best way to be informed.
  • Request yard signs – yard signs help with name recognition and show undecided voters that there is broad support for the GOP candidates.
  • Host a candidate meet and greet – bring your neighbors and friends together and host a meet and greet. GOP candidates are always looking for ways to connect with the people they serve and educate them about the governing process.
  • Staff the Republican Headquarters during Presidential general elections – a few hours a week will make a difference.
  • Sign up for our email list. Click Here.
  • Write letters to the editor in support of Republican candidates or issues.
  • Participate on the Prayer Team – meets at 5:30 PM before the monthly meeting and is called upon at keys times.
  • Donate – Republicans do more with less in a campaign! Utilize your $50 per person or $100 Oregon tax credit when you donate to a Republican campaign.
  • Participate in voter registration events to schools or public events.
  • Gather signatures for petition drives.
  • Show up for Rallys! Follow our Facebook for upcoming opportunities to wave a flag and support conservative issues and candidates.

What is a Precinct Committee Person (PCP)?

The organizational unit closest to the grass roots is the county Central Committee, consisting of the county’s Precinct Committee People (PCPs)

PCPs are elected by fellow Republicans in their precinct in even numbered years during the May Primary election. PCPs can be appointed at anytime, however appointed PCPs don’t get to vote in key party elections.

PCPs are the heart of the Republican Party. They are the grassroots activists who work hard to get Republican candidates elected, to get measures on the ballot, and help pass ballot measures that reflect our Republican values. PCPs get to know candidates and have the opportunity to ask them questions face to face.

In odd-numbered years, in late Spring or Summer, the PCPs vote for delegates to the State Convention. This is where the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Platform is created – it is done directly by the grassroots!

In even-numbered years, after the General Election in November, the elected PCPs vote for county officers and delegates to the next higher organizational unit, the ORP State Central Committee. Each county is represented by its Chair, Vice Chair, and a number of Delegates based on the Registered Republicans in the county. In Wasco County, we have 6 Delegates in addition to the Chair and Vice Chair.

How Do I Become a PCP?

There are only three requirements:

  • You must be at least 18
  • You must live and be a registered voter in the county you file to become a PCP, and
  • You must be a registered Republican for 180 days or more

Here are the three ways you can become a PCP:

  • Between September (of an odd numbered year) and March (of an even numbered year) you can file to run as a PCP by filling out the SEL105 and your name will appear on the ballot. Don’t worry, you don’t have to campaign or spend a dime – there’s room for everyone who meets the three requirements. Everybody wins!
  • If you missed filing by the date for the SEL 105 in March, it’s not too late to be elected. Fill out the SEL105D and get it in to the Elections Office before 8pm on Primary Election Day. Get 3 or more people to write your name in on the ballot (just like you wrote it on the SEL105D) and you’re in!
  • All other times of the year, you can ask the County Party Chair or the Precinct Organization Chair to appoint you as a PCP. If you meet the three requirements above, you’ll be asked to come to the next Central Committee Meeting to introduce yourself. PCPs who are in attendance will vote yes or no on whether to appoint you. Appointed PCPs are not able to vote on County Party Leadership, but can vote on almost anything else.